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Why BYD electric bus?

BYD ebus, designed for driver and passenger comfort with low noise and zero emissions, is the first Fe battery powered electric bus in the world. It’s mature, reliable, and successful. The driving range available from the BYD ebus is better than any other comparable buses.

The most reliable electric bus in the world

  • The BYD electric bus has been certificated both by the ECWVTA and NHTSA. BYD has total 4 factories around the world. The capacity is more than 7,000 units per year. BYD has the most reliable electric bus in the world.

More and more BYD electric buses will hit the market

BYD has already demonstrated several kinds of electric buses and in the near future, BYD intends to introduce a full spectrum of electrified mini, midi, double-decker and articulated buses and BRT solutions.

Additionally, different body types, interiors, ranges and loading capacity can be tailor-made according to customers’ requirements, providing more operating flexibility, like shuttle bus and city bus, etc. The following basic models are for your reference.


Battery power for the BYD ebus has been designed specifically to meet customer requirements for safety, energy density and low cost, making the BYD Fe Battery the battery of choice.


  • Fascinating at your first glance

    With a distinctive appearance, the BYD ebus is in tune with the modern design style common in the public transport sector.
  • A comfortable way of driving and riding

    All aspects and details in the driver’s cockpit and passenger compartment have been designed to maximize the driver and passenger comfort, like convenient entrance and exit, etc.


  • World class customer support free you from worries

    BYD is committed to supporting the electric buses with the highest level. 24-hour service support is provided by a team of highly skilled engineers located in Europe, providing swift response to service needs.